A Big Week for Fundamental Data

On Friday, June 3rd, the U.S. jobs report came out, and the results were far worse than anyone had foreseen. Only 38,000 jobs were created over the month of May, making it one of the worst months that the United States has seen in the last decade. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, and before you start taking out longer term trades or even investments, it’s important to try and get the full story behind the numbers. Whether you are t...

Making Sense of Confusion

Traders are scrambling the last several days to get an accurate pulse on what is happening in markets all over the world. Because of so many kneejerk reactions, it is hard to tell what’s real, and what is going to be reversed in the next couple weeks. Even the experts are a bit confused about what the proper course of action is, simply because so many of the events that are currently going on are tightly interwoven. For example, oil’s drop in price, China’s declining stock market, central banks ...

Apple Down 20 Percent

Apple’s stock is down more than 20 percent off of recent high prices, falling from up over $134 per share to a bit more than $106 per share. There are a lot of reasons for this plummet, and some of them are better than others. There are two questions that traders should be asking themselves right now about Apple: what will the price be doing in the future? And, when will that start? W...					</div>
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