What to Make of Oil Prices

We Can Always Watch the Price of Oil
Oil prices rallied early on Monday, September 26, going up to well over $45 before the trading day had ended in the United States. This comes after a dramatic drop during the previous week hurt the price of crude oil and the companies that are dependent upon crude. However, it’s clear now that consumer confidence has improved quite a bit over the last couple years in regards to crude because of this action. Oil dropped considerably the previous week, but as Monday’s rebound show...

The Failed Bitcoin Experiment

Insiders within the Bitcoin industry have reached a sad conclusion—regardless of what happens to the price of the Bitcoin in the short term, the long term trend for the currency/commodity should now be slanted downward. Insiders are selling off their positions and many of them are leaving the development process completely behind. For short term traders, this is something to take note of. As Bitcoin prices drop, this does not mean that you should be taking long positions. In ...